Saturday, October 29, 2011

Blessings of Good Health

Exercise, fresh air, enough rest, keeping a positive outlook, washing hands and a nutritious diet are ways to stay healthy, but occasionally we (or people we love) will fall ill. At times like this…

  • Patience is not just a virtue to strive for, but a necessity. 
  • I visit for information, suggestions on lifestyle and home remedies. 
  • I’m reminded to have compassion for people struggling with health issues. 
  • I’m prompted to recall the blessings of hospitals, clinics, dentists, doctors, nurses and all healthcare professionals and institutions. 

I am thankful today for regaining health after a sick day. How appreciative I am to enjoy the scents, flavors and textures of foods which give me energy and drinks that quench my thirst. I’m filled with gratitude of strength for the day, a clear mind and a joyful spirit.

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