Thursday, January 19, 2012

Resolutions Worth Keeping (Goals to Strive Toward)

Formality on making a New Year’s resolution hasn’t been a tradition for me. I take promises very seriously, so I’m extremely cautious about making them. At the beginning of this year, I’m striving toward numerous things that make life meaningful and are worthy of achieving. Many baby steps (in no particular order) go a long way.
  1. Get enough sleep.
  2. Approach conflict discussion with gentleness.
  3. Don’t pick unnecessary battles.
  4. Clear clutter regularly, not letting it build up.
  5. Simplify.
  6. Read the Bible, spend time with devotions and attend studies with wise people.
  7. Pray—invite, listen and allow the Holy Spirit to stir and comfort me.
  8. Savor each bite of food I take and each drink I swallow.
  9. Inquire about and carefully consider opinions of people I respect.
  10. Ask for help when I can’t figure it out myself.
  11. Teach and share knowledge and skill.
  12. Understand there are often numerous ways to accomplish the same end result; what works best for one, may not be what works best for another.
  13. Dream.
  14. Plan.
  15. Read.
  16. Learn something new.
  17. Weigh and balance priorities.
  18. Say yes.
  19. Say no.
  20. Stand up for someone.
  21. Take a stand.
  22. Lovingly rebuke.
  23. Exercise.
  24. Have confidence.
  25. Take chances.
  26. Dismiss situations beyond my control. Keep calm and carry on.
  27. Be thankful to people who are kind and to God for all blessings.
  28. Be generous.
  29. Splurge a little.
  30. Save.
  31. Conserve.
  32. Create.
  33. Walk away from a TV show I don’t enjoy and find a better way to spend time.
  34. Participate in conversation by putting a greater emphasis on listening than speaking.
  35. Celebrate victories.
  36. Enjoy live performances of music and theatre. Visit art galleries.
  37. Take a vacation.
  38. Laugh.
  39. Fight procrastination.
  40. Keep a reasonable, comfortable level of contact with special friends and relatives.
  41. Take interest in meeting new people.
  42. Eat fish frequently, veggies, beef for dinner, enjoy fruit, chocolate and coffee often.
  43. Pay attention to nature’s colors, textures, shapes—rejoice in the beauty of creation.
  44. Focus.
  45. Relax.
  46. Let people know I care about them.
  47. Smile more.
  48. Upcycle and repurpose rather than waste.
  49. Confess sins (including the failure to meet each of these goals). Seek to improve, hope for the best.
  50. Trust in the Lord.

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