Tuesday, December 31, 2019

How to protect car door from paint damage that would occur if it opened upon a garage wall.

Up against a wall? Cheers! 

This New Year’s Eve I share inspiration—my invention that helps me center and get out of a tight, potentially harmful space. I used egg cartons to protect my car doors from damage that would occur if I accidentally opened the doors too far and bang into the cement or concrete block garage wall.

eggs in cardboard carton
Eat eggs and save the cardboard carton—boil, peel shell and quarter for chef’s salad , prepare smoked salmon egg salad tea sandwiches, make classic deviled eggs, cook basic French omelets, or bake Quiche Lorainne.

scissors cutting egg carton
Use scissors or shears to cut cover and flap off of egg carton

poster mounting putty and egg carton
Add poster mounting putty to the bottom outside of each egg compartment

egg cartons pressed onto cinder block garage wall
Press the carton, adhering it to cinder or concrete block garage wall. The carton is the same color as the concrete blocks, so it is hardly noticeable! Make sure to apply enough cartons to cover the distance variance of parked car pulled into its spot as well as coverage for both front and back doors.

Egg cartons on cinder block garage wall protect paint by buffering open door hits wall
Egg cartons on garage wall protect paint by buffering the open doors from hitting the unforgiving wall.

Trusting my Savior for protection and thankful for forgiveness…

  • I am willing and open to expand my insight and knowledge; yet, I must be satisfied that I can’t and don’t need to know and fully understand everything (Ecclesiastes 11:5). And I can’t expect any other human to know and fully understand me either—only my Creator knows me even better than I know myself (Romans 8:27-37).
  • It has been much harder than I ever thought it would be to keep a promise. I sin often and in many ways (James 3:2). I am sorry (1 John 1:9). I am forgiven in Christ (Psalm 103).
  • I turn for help (Psalm 121), pray to, seek, and praise my Protector (Psalm 5:11-12) who loves everyone perfectly (John 3:16-17)!

…and many mercies

  • the gift of life and health (before diagnosis, through/after cancer surgery)
  • friends and family
  • caring church home
  • a safe, peaceful home to rest
  • an efficient, quiet place to work
  • good suppliers
  • technology
  • Etsy and Amazon Handmade shops from which I sell
  • buyers who support my creative business

wooden plaque with foil feathers and handlettering of under his wings you will find refuge Psalm 91:4
A friend and I attended a class and learned how to stain a wooden plaque and use three colors of foil to decorate it with feathers. The project reminded me of God’s protection, so I added hand-lettering …under his wings you will find refuge… Psalm 91:4 (whole chapter)
Look up and let it go balloon art
I look up [to Jesus’s cross] and let go what weighed heavy this past decade. My printable Look up and let it go balloon art is available at FreshRetroGallery.

To learn, grow, share my faith—these goals I hope to explore in the next decade, God-willing!

I pray I may live to the glory of God by the grace given to me in faith.

Have a happy new decade 2020!

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