Sunday, April 12, 2020

Ruth Bible Sketch

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 “The Lord repay you for what you have done, and a full reward be given you by the Lord, the God of Israel, under whose wings you have come to take refuge!” Ruth 2:12 ESV Bible verse sketch hand lettering with blue sky and wheat.
“The Lord repay you for what you have done, and a full reward be given you by the Lord, the God of Israel, under whose wings you have come to take refuge!” Ruth 2:12 ESV Bible verse sketch hand lettering with blue sky and barley.


Ruth is my mom’s name. She was full of love, joy and strength—these flowed from her faith which trusted God’s mercy and grace to save us. Our Creator gifted Mom with valuable talents and a peaceful, generous, meek, patient and kind personality. Because of sin in this world, tears and difficulties were mixed into the happy times of her life. I don’t doubt that she prayed often about my wandering ways. She inspired our family and others. Her work was important. She was the spiritual leader of our home where she prepared us physically, mentally and emotionally to spread our wings and fly toward our Lord in the direction He calls each of us to follow Him. Dad was a godly man of integrity and Mom worked closely with him in the crop production and seed cleaning business on the farm where God supplied our daily bread. Just as all repentant sinners who trust the Word are promised an eternal future together with Jesus who is alive, the Holy Spirit kept Mom in faith until our Heavenly Father took her Home to live with Him!
Ruth means…“fullness.” Where God has made empty, He has prepared to make full once again. Even as we confess the God who empties and makes bitter, we confess also the God in Christ who sweetens, fills, and restores.—read more from the post The Commemoration of Ruth by CPH
“The Book of Ruth relates a beautiful story in the history of King David’s family, illustrating how God guides history for the sake of His people. He works through suffering and redemption to preserve His people and to welcome the nations. These aspects of the Book point to the birth of Jesus, the world’s Redeemer, who descends from Ruth and Boaz. Though the Book of Ruth is not a love story, it beautifully illustrates the Lord’s enduring love for you. As you read Ruth, consider how the Lord calls you to show love and faithfulness to your family and your neighbors, for whom Christ lived and gave His life.” The Lutheran Study Bible by CPH (highly recommended for insights and devotional commentary which helps to grow in faith and apply God’s Word to life)

Join in for music—voices singing, trumpet, guitar and organ—speak the Word out loud, pray, and listen at my church online to the 14 minute sermon Seeking the Savior for Comfort (at 27 minutes into the video). Replay this one hour service as often as you want, subscribe, and come back often for new content! 

Together, we seek Jesus. The key to life is faith. This gift comes alive though the Bible. Church is a hospital for sinners. When we’re sick, we call a doctor, when we have a toothache, we call a dentist—when we are curious about matters of life and death, we call a pastor. Learn how to receive faith by the work of the Holy Spirit in Baptism—watch videos about Baptism.
  1. receive faith
  2. repent and return to faith
  3. learn and grow in faith
  4. go forward in the comfort of faith

While we follow COVID-19 restrictions, we lean on the Triune God in whom we take refuge. 

Until we die or He returns (whichever comes first), He is allowing us to creatively stay connected and participate in this life by trying new things! We can
  • pray
  • watch worship and Christian education videos
  • read daily devotional material out loud to “hear” the Word
  • listen to Christian podcasts
  • sing along to sacred music

We pray: Lord, Your will be done. Thank you for providing for all our needs as You mysteriously work things, in every situation, together for Your good purpose. Give health, healing, wisdom and guide us through all hardships of life. End the coronavirus that we may return to regularly receive all the benefits of attending church together again to

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