Tuesday, May 12, 2020

2 Samuel Bible Sketch

Light in dark places changes everything

More powerful than darkness is the Light that delivers from gloom

“For you are my lamp, O Lord, and my God lightens my darkness.” 2 Samuel 22:29 ESV hand lettering sketch doodle.
“For you are my lamp, O Lord, and my God lightens my darkness.” 2 Samuel 22:29 ESV hand lettering sketch doodle.

Our mighty God is our deliverer and shield

God cares for us so much to offer Holy Light in His Word to expose our darkness and create faith which allows us to 
  • honestly see and admit our sinful nature
  • constantly work on changing sinful ways
  • fight to resist temptation
  • know that God’s own Son was born to bear our sins on the cross
  • pray and be heard
  • take refuge in our Lord above all else
  • live joyfully by grace
  • have a clear conscience through Baptism into Christ
  • care about the welfare of others
Our Creator designed us for perfection, yet—because sin entered the world after the fallwe all lack it. Even faithful people cannot follow His good and loving commands. Coronavirus and other hardships create havoc and doubt.  

Spirit-given faith trusts God’s Word which reveals the one thing we need for our rescue—mercy given through the birth and unjust suffering of our perfectly pure, humble Lord who never did, said, or thought anything wrong, ever. Jesus did the work necessary to save the world from sin, evil, and death—this victory for us is finished. The promise is true. Grace is available for all to receive faith until He returns for His faithful when His glory will be obvious to everyone at the time all will be judged by their faith or absence of faith.
Our gentle Heavenly Father’s sacrificial Love cleanses us from the filthy sin He hates. Christ rose on the third day and ascended to our Heavenly Father where Jesus intercedes on behalf of prayerfully repentant faithful people. Our Creator’s grace flows to us through Christ who completely understands suffering injustice and consequences of sin. He covers
  • wrongs we confess
  • things of which we are guilty, unaware
  • inadequacies
  • sins committed against us
  • death from COVID-19 and every other cause
All goodness flows through Christ who compassionately heals the wounds and sickness of brokenhearted people. Those adopted by the Holy Spirit receive
  • power to discern what is the will of God, what is good, acceptable and perfect
  • ability to both receive and give people compassion and grace
  • the gift to forgive people just as we receive forgiveness in Christ
  • strength to suffer
  • patience to wait for joy that follows weeping
  • constant growth and development of character
  • a healthy heart and soul which trusts the Lord to carry and lead us during difficulties and sorrow
  • hope of the glorious heaven prepared for all adopted into faith
  • peaceful rest

Two options

  1. Receive faith—live truthfully, humbly trusting the transforming Light. 
  2. Reject faithlive secretly, remaining arrogantly stuck in darkness.

In Christ, the faithful believer is

  • beloved
  • holy
  • blameless
  • pure
  • trained for war
  • equipped for battle
  • strengthened
  • great
  • guiltless
  • delivered from strife
  • exalted above the haughty
  • delivered from men of violence
  • fast, able to leap over a wall
  • secure in heights
  • protected in a wide open place
  • rewarded with eternal life

Be inspired

Pray in Jesus’ Name

O Holy Spirit, Light our paths with Your Word. Only in You can we fight against the the darkness of worldly life. Remind us when we fail in thought, word, and deed that Jesus was born to forgive us for slipping. We praise You for the faith You give in Baptism and ask that You draw us to crave Your wisdom in Scripture. How wonderful it is to be sure You are walking with us, picking us up, and mercifully carrying us as You lead us in Truth to receive Your grace. Use our difficult experiences and sufferings to remind us of our connection to the power of Christ’s death and resurrection. Comfort and inspire us to recognize opportunities to shine, unconditionally love, and encourage all those around us who haven’t yet heard, are gloomy, or are lost. Amen.

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