Saturday, December 10, 2011

Clear the Drawing Table

I have a drawing table which gets used for much more than drawing. Great lighting, access to music and all of my favorite tools are there. If there is room on my table, it is where I’ll:
  • Create and stamp a greeting card when I need one.
  • Pile bills until I pay them.
  • Pile papers to file and save.
  • Put photos in albums.
  • Sketch in sketchbook.
  • Paint with watercolor.
  • Wrap a gift. 
  • Balance the checkbook.
  • Fill out forms.
  • Fix things.
  • Take care of things to be mailed.
  • Look through things for inspiration.
  • Do things for family.
I’m an excellent procrastinator. I’d rather blog or do anything creative than do paperwork, pay bills, clean and file. This means things pile up. Part of my brain tortures me for having to look at unorganized clutter. I realize my brain is divided into two hemispheres and each has unique characteristics. I am blessed to have both left and right brain qualities! As they miraculously work together, they balance out conflicting traits and motivate me to action. I cleared off my drawing table this week (ok, I admit, almost completely clear). In the process, I found a gift item that I’d cleverly hidden nearby and had been looking for it over a month! The wonderful emotional state after accomplishing a task is so much better than the guilty feeling of putting things off. I’ve decided I shouldn’t let things in this space to accumulate so long (ok, I admit, almost everything in this space). Today I added Clear Drawing Table into my iCal with an action to send me a reminder every month. My special space is ready to tackle something. So I better quit blogging and get busy. Besides, my husband wants to Google something in this computer space :-)

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