Saturday, December 17, 2011

Who’s your role model? Take the test…

This time of year, inspiration surrounds me. To name a few blessings:
  • Only 5 blocks to a walk in the countryside; beautiful sunset; mid 50°s on a calm, mid December day.
  • Traditions… an Advent worship service sermon focusing on peace. Special pink candles that mean “Rejoice! … the Lord is near,” based on Philippians 4:4.
  • Music in the air and cards in the mail connecting Christians in celebration of the real reason for The Holidays, better known as Christmas.
  • A perfectly good reason to compliment a neighbor who’s made the effort to decorate his home with lights.
  • An email from a friend with a quirky equation quiz to identify your role model. Here it is…
Using simple math, find your role model. Mine wasn't a surprise... How about you?

DON'T SCROLL DOWN YET! FIRST, do the simple math below. 

THEN, scroll down to find your hero. Do not scroll down until you do the math!
It is truly remarkable just how accurate this is!
  1. Pick your favorite number between 1 and 8. 
  2. Multiply your choice by 3. 
  3. Add 3. 
  4. Multiply again by 3—I'll wait if you need a calculator. 
  5. You'll get a 2-digit number… maybe 42, for example. 
  6. Add the digits together (example: 4 plus 2 = 6).
Now remember this final number and scroll down.

scroll down

scroll down

With that number, see who your ROLE MODEL is from the list below:
  1. Albert Einstein 
  2. Paul, the Apostle 
  3. Mother Theresa 
  4. Bill Gates 
  5. King Solomon 
  6. Theodore Roosevelt 
  7. Babe Ruth 
  8. Winston Churchill 
  9. Jesus Christ! 
  10. Peter, the Apostle
I know, I know... He has that effect on everyone, and one day you will meet Him! Believe it! The Savior has come and He will come again.

P.S. Stop picking different numbers! He is the Way, the Truth and the Life! Now, sit back, relax and enjoy your day! 

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